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Reality is too complex for human beings and plans are growing. That's why I believe an evolutionary approach is superior to a single implementation straight from the drawing board for developing working software. Let's start with a small project and see what happens. If possible, ProBioData will develop a prototype without obligation for minimizing your financial risk.

For maximizing the success of a custom project I need a person on your side who
  • is motivated.
  • has priorized the project within his/her personal tasklist.
  • is operating close to the processes the software shall support. That means not a general it-manager.
  • has the necessary competences for the daily project management and fine-tuning issues.
  • manages the communication between your management staff and us.


While developing and describing a precise solution scenario is difficult, the status quo can be analyzed since it already is reality. Documenting the work flow and existing - i.e. Excel or Access based - solutions makes sense for understanding your company and indentifying general functional requirements.


The usual support elements are available as well:
  • Installation and configuration
  • E-mail support
  • Hotline
  • On-site support
  • Trainings
In general, with a few exceptions i.e. for project planning, I prefer to collaborate online with ProBioDatas customers.